Where do I begin…..Well if you do not know me personally you may think that I have escaped from a mental institution, I have a very quirky, witty and crazy sense of humor.

So many clients are nervous and usually feel intimidated during a photo shoot, making the client feel at ease and realize that this is a fun experience to look back on to is of the utmost importance, the more natural the captured images are the better the results.

I have always loved the fact that photographs capture so much more than just an image, it is a true recollection of a moment in time that tells a story about an event, a person’s life, personality and of whom they chose to experience their lives with.

I believe that when you look at a photograph it should stir your soul and take you on a journey, photo’s remind us of where we have come from and how far we have come and of who we are, whether it be of a building an animal a landscape or a family member or friend, for generations people can look at them and reminisce.

Those are the reasons as to why I decided to make photography my career choice over the corporate world where I come from, it stirs my soul, I have found my passion in life and it inspires me to enjoy life to the fullest.

It makes me happy to be entrusted by clients to capture and share these magical moments of their lives with them and it often reminds one just how special the gift of life is that has been entrusted on to us.

When I am not at home or the office, I am always scouting for new shoot locations in and around Port Elizabeth to keep my work fresh, original and inspirational.

I have been extremely fortunate to have had one of Port Elizabeth’s top photographers teach me and show me the ropes, Reino Van Eck from Eclipse Photography was and still is my mentor who took me under his wing and shared his in depth knowledge with me, his exceptional eye for detail and unparalleled knowledge within the field of photography and artificial lighting has been invaluable and I continue to be amazed by his work.

Have a look at the images presented on this site, I hope that they will inspire you to get in touch.